First full post…catching up so far.

Today is Wednesday August 22nd.  Hard to believe just last Friday my sweetie woke up at 3 a.m. with me to get my butt to the Air Force base, with the hope that I would actually fly out that day.  Well, the stars were aligned, and being a single traveller worked in my favor to land one of the 3 spots on the first flight out of the morning.

(*sigh* everything to follow may be somewhat abbreviated from my original post, now gone forever.  I walked away from the iPad for a few and cam back to where I’d ‘saved draft’ 30 minutes prior….)

Anyway to sum up the first couple relaxing days in Sacramento, it was spent running a few errands, visiting Bob’s sister Jessica and the kids, and of course unwinding with Brian, Nancy, John, and Lori. And by unwinding, I mean drinking beer, floating in the redneck pool, eating Nancy and Lori’s nomnomnom cooking, and staying up late shootin’ the shit. A great time for sure.

Sunday started what I will call Day 1. Really seeing things or places I haven’t seen before. Brian, Nancy, and little Quinn took me into San Fransisco for my first time. Jessica had insisted I must try the clam chowder bread bowl, and as it was lunchtime when we got into the city, Boudin’s-famous for their sourdough-was the first stop. Best sourdough I’ve ever eaten*. The chowder itself and th oysters rockefeller, also top notch. The next couple hours was spent walking around fisherman’s wharf area, mostly Pier 39. I saw some of the pier’s sea lion population, although not the famed quantity of years past. Sea lion visitors have been down for a few years as I understand.

Next stop, the beach near the wharf. If you go to a new beach, and stand back from the water, and are content to walk away with that as your beach experience, well know now that you may not want to go on many beach trips with me! For me, every day at the beach, whether first time or familiar locale, is an adventure. I probably had my shoes off before 5 year old Quinn. Keep in mind that outside temperature this day is ~60-65F. Cold. This was a feet-only in the water kind of beach day, but a beach day just the same. If, in your adult life, you’ve never played on a beach with a child, do it. You will feel like a kid again yourself, and everyone needs that now and then. That’s the shit that keeps you young. I personally never plan to fully ‘grow up.’ After running around and letting the lapping water chase us, and writing names in the sand, it was time for the big-flick San Fransisco experience; the trolley! What’s that you say, there’s and hour and a half wait? Eh, not that important after all…next! And so we found ourselves driving up to and then setting across on foot the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s red. Not sure what the Golden is about; I’ll have to look that up. Anyway, it was epic. I try to reserve the term ‘epic’ for things that truly are so, and not just some really buttery popcorn and the like. Epic, inspiring, architechtural masterpiece, engineering feat – all these terms DO apply here. I looked up, I looked down, I looked out. Every direction, the view was one of a kind. And we played tag to keep the small one entertained. Nothing like that little tap, “you’re it”, and taking off in persuit hundreds of feet above the bay!

Dinner at a beachside restaurant, a drive up fog-covered twin peaks, and were done. A very full day, a great weekend, and a memorable start to my California tour for sure.

What’s next?


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